A bit of history…


The appearance of vines in our region dates back to the first century BC when the Bituriges Vivisques, a Celtic warrior people, decided to plant their own vineyards with a new grape variety which resisted the cold, the Biturica, ancestor of the Cabernet grape varietals.

Then five centuries of invasions and wars nearly brought an end to the Bordeaux vineyards.  But the spread of Christianity as a religion and population growth which led to increased cultivation fortunately ensured the survival of the vineyards.

Ever since that distant time, Bordeaux wines have experienced a good number of twists and turns but their fame is now recognised worldwide: without a doubt, the best wines in the world !

When opening a bottle of
Cour de Mandelotte,
you enter into this extraordinary history.

Each glass bears witness to the enormous passion which has motivated Bordeaux wine makers for generations, and each sip confirms it…


The Mandelottes

Back in the 19th century, a Mandelotte was the name given to the stone houses that dotted the Bordeaux vineyards.

These sturdy old edifices were used as shelters, dormitories, refuges, storage and refectories by those working in the vines around them.

Over the years, generations of vine-growers have handed down the know-how that goes to make fine Bordeaux wines, and have also taken these old buildings and converted them into homes for their families.

In some cases, they have even embellished their names with the words Tour or Cour which are a feature of the Bordeaux wine estates that embody the image of their wines and are often illustrated on their wine labels.

A Bordeaux classic

Cour de Mandelotte is irrefutably Bordeaux!

Demanding and meticulous in blending, our oenologists invest all their knowledge to offer you wines of the highest quality, year after year.

Fruity, round, authentic and accessible, it embodies the typical character of Bordeaux wines.

Matured with care and the greatest respect for tradition, Cour de Mandelotte is most definitely a classic of its kind.

A true terroir wine, it is the very model of Bordeaux style.

Cour de Mandelotte is expressive and boasts an assured character, offering the perfect alchemy between the age-old knowledge of Bordeaux wine makers and modern vinification techniques which ensure the optimal quality of the wine.

In short, a truly “Modern Classic”!